Toshiki G. Nakashige



My name is Toshiki George Nakashige.

I have had wildly varied interests since I was young, and I eventually majored in chemistry and art history in college at UC Berkeley. I completed a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at MIT and pursued biomedical research at The Rockefeller University. After 10 years of biochemical experiments, I realized that my passion for science stems from my enthusiasm to communicate complex ideas in relatable ways, and I bought a microphone and learned how to use audio editing software. As a way to combine my love for science and the humanities, I am currently working on creative projects that portray science as a fundamentally human endeavor. To expand the boundaries of human knowledge is a humanist pursuit.

My Japanese American heritage as a shin-nisei has shaped my perspective on globalization, ethnic solidarity, and social justice. Through podcasting, I try to make connections where Japaneseness can be found, and writing personal essays and fiction relating to these themes has been therapeutic.

Also, a father to a black lab, I love dogs.